Symposium on the Development of Chinese Plant Beverage Industry in 2019
date : 2019-04-25 source : Damin Food Zhangzhou Co., Ltd.

  The 2009 China Plant Beverage Industry Development Seminar was held in Haikou, Hainan, on April 18. The theme of the conference was to release plant power. Many experts, scholars and entrepreneurs were invited to discuss the hot topics of plant beverage development, such as technological innovation, product trial production positioning, market development trend, plant nutrition function and health industry development, and discuss the development of plant beverage.

  Dr. Ou of Damin Foodstuff (Zhangzhou) Co.,Ltd. gave a report on the technological research of plant extracts and the innovative inspiration for beverages at this seminar. Dr. Ou introduced some achievements and bottlenecks in the process of innovative development of plant beverage products in Damin in recent years. The report points out that there are many unique local plants in China. If these plants have legal status and are approved as new food raw materials, they will promote the industrial production of these plant raw materials, which will be widely used in the food and beverage industry and contribute to the beverage industry. Dr. Ou proposed that as a drinker, we must devote ourselves to developing more plant materials, not only to bring Chinese plants abroad, but also to bring the world's good plant materials into China.


In this seminar, Damin combined with the innovation of plant drinks to release the power of plants, prepared two drinks of clear Grosvenor Grosvenor and plant red cattle for delegates to try. The plant Red Bull is made of Polygonatum (Polygonatum Polysaccharide and Triterpene Saponins) as the main body, green tea (pure natural plant caffeine), Pueraria root, wolfberry, hawthorn and Polygonatum odoratum. It is suitable for the fatigued people to drink. Clear Momordica grosvenorii is a natural sweetener with transparent, colorless, low calorie and sweet taste through technological innovation. It meets the trend of reducing sugar and sugar in beverages and meets the needs of market and consumers.