date : 2019-06-19 source : Damin Food Zhangzhou Co., Ltd.

    The Golden Dumbbell Forum 2019 was held in Shanghai on June 18. Many industry experts, scholars and entrepreneurs were invited to discuss the way for science and technology to restart the market.

    Mr. Sheng Dongming of Damin Food (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. was invited to make a sharing report on the theme of "Creating Dreams in Nature". With "Naturalization", "Rapid Digestion" and "Technologization" as the core, this paper analyzed and summarized the current development trend and sales situation of global natural plant health products, and gave a banquet. The colleagues had an interactive discussion.

    Finally, it is proposed that:

1. Nature is the general consumption pursuit of the consumer

2. Fast digestion is an inevitable development direction of nutritious and healthy food, which is more realized than scientifically and intelligently.

3. Science and technology are the important foundation of restarting nutritional and healthy food

4. Damin International will eventually help enterprises realize the perfect combination of science and technology and fast digestion with the status of natural plant raw materials research, production and supply service provider.

    At the seminar, Damin also prepared red bean and coix rice water for delegates to try drinking in combination with the innovation of plant beverage. This product is based on the traditional folk formula of adzuki bean and coix as ingredients, through technological innovation, adding clear Grosvenor fruit concentrate to achieve low calorie and natural sweetness at the same time, it is recognized by the guests present, and Damin is expected to develop and produce more healthy and high-quality drinks for the majority of consumers.