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The 2015 China Solid Beverage Development Seminar co-organized by Damin was successfully held.

Date:2015/7/6  Source:Damin Foodstuff(Zhangzhou)Co.,Ltd.   Hits:2498
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The 2015 China Solid Beverage Development Seminar was successfully held in Xiangyang city, Hubei province on June 18 and 19. President Yue Pengxiang, vice-general manager Ou ou, vice-Supervisor of R&D center Wu Qingshan attended the seminar as the co-organizer representatives on invitation, and they had a discussion on the development strategies of solid beverage industry with nearly 150 representatives of other solid beverage enterprises, academic institutions and competent authorities,

The seminar was themed with “Innovation Push forward Development, Quality Guarantee for Future”. Ou ou, the vice-general manager of Damin Biotechnology (zhangzhou) Co. Ltd delivered a sharing speech on “the characteristics and development trend of stick packaging solid beverage”. She said that stick packaging sold beverage had the advantages of convenient carrying and using, precise quantitation and fashionable design. Nowadays, with the rapid development of healthy drinking, stick packaging solid beverage was an innovative and ideal product form. Ou ou also stated with examples that the production of stick packaging solid beverage required raw material choiceness, extraction technology optimization and production quality control etc, and Damin could be in a position to provide solutions and OEM services.

The seminar continued previous pragmatic style, and was rich in content. It not only parsed the present situation, the latest research and technology achievements of solid beverage and its raw materials, packaging and other industrial chains, but also interpreted authoritatively on the national supervision ideas, the quality and safety standards of solid beverage industry, this would provides the idea and foundation for enterprise product innovation, food safety and quality assurance. The seminar achieved a full success.