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News for Food Ingredients India 2015

Date:2015/11/6  Source:Damin Foodstuff(Zhangzhou)Co.,Ltd.   Hits:1777
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In October, Damin’s sales team come to Bombayparticipate in the 2015 food ingredients India  (hereinafter referred to as the FI INDIA)

As the world's second largest population country, India is full of business opportunities, this is the 10th year of UBM to hold food ingredients exhibition in India,comparedwith other Asian ingredient exhibitions, FI INDIA is highly concentrated of visitors who are mostly from the local companies or the Indian branch of multinational company,this is a good opportunity for us to expand the south Asian market.

Indiais also full of challenge, the characteristic of culture and local customs require us to find the right products for the market. In order to involve into the local culture and custom more fast, we develop the Masala which shorten the distance between local companies and us.

The three-day of exhibition from 19th~21st Dec, we fully grasp the opportunity to communicate with visitors, actively expand potential customer, excavate potential cooperation opportunities,thus to strengthen relationship between regional south Asian countries.Let's meet again in Delhi in Aug 2016.