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Wonderful Review of the 16th Culture Week

Date:2018/2/8  Source:Damin Foodstuff(Zhangzhou)Co.,Ltd.   Hits:681
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On the evening of February 2, with the birth of Grand Prize, the 16th Cultural Week of 2018 has slowly come to a close. The entire Cultural Week lasted a week, from the opening ceremony to various competitive games, to various forms of garden activities, wonderful performances. This week, the people of Da-Min spent a relaxed, enjoyable and wonderful "Cultural Week." Let's take a look back at each "Wonderful Moment" at Cultural Week and let these frozen happiness continue ..........

Cultural Week activities on-site review:

Colorful opening ceremony

Competitive category: tug of war scene

Athletics: slow ride the game scene

Competitive category: choir competition scene

Competitive category: mountaineering competition site

Athletics: soccer match live

Competitive category: basketball match live

Competitive categories: food DIY activities at the scene

"Eighteen martial arts" is nothing more than the original, in addition to the original work skills, big fellow compatriots are the same in other aspects of the same color. Sports competitions, singing competitions, culinary competitions, garden activities, cultural weeks include moral and intellectual body and many other aspects of content, so that everyone in the spare time, to find fun in the game, to understand the enterprises of Min-min care of employees and stand by.

Followed the 16th tradition, at the end of the event, Cultural Week ushered in the evening of the event the climax of the entire event, from preparation, to rehearsal, to the performance, of course, draw lottery feedback, every aspect, let everyone Immersed in the joy of the event among the unforgettable long.

Party scene happy tidbits:

Dream wonderful moments review:

Host to start a dream trip

The essence of God's interpretation: Dragon's successor

Soothing sax solos: elegant and cheerful

Vibrant youthfulness: dreams take off from here

Dream of building a wonderful moment review:

Unique details of the creative: cup dance

A sense of literary age: peach cheongsam

Glamorous burst of passionate: the band sings

Rhythmic dancers: modern style

Interactive red envelopes paid on-site Oh

Interspersed with the lottery: surprise again and again

Dream wonderful moment review:

Classic interpretation: Butterfly Love

Flexible body language: chasing light

Fun Minnan Wind: Hokkien skewer

Classic heritage: Pear Orchard garden flowers open

Grand Prize winner: won the envy of countless eyes

As a symbol of Dayu corporate culture, Cultural Week, with its rich and colorful activities and rich prizes, gave back to Dayu Min who had worked hard for a year. At the same time, its development symbolized a new beginning and inspired Da-Min In the coming year, our compatriots will work hard to strive for the common theme of "surpassing their dreams." Finally, I wish you all have a perfect start in 2018, the dog years to come !! !