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2018 tea, coffee and plant beverage development symposium and the same period Exhibition

Date:2018/4/28  Source:Damin Foodstuff(Zhangzhou)Co.,Ltd.   Hits:635
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From April 26, 2018 to April 27th, the 2018 China tea, coffee and plant beverage development seminar sponsored by China beverage industry association was held in Qingdao. The theme of this seminar is "cohesiveness and new growth". Experts and scholars in many industries have discussed and shared the development status of tea drinks, coffee drinks and other industries, market trend analysis and technological innovation.

Dr. Pan Rihong, the coordinator of the Ministry of technology and technology of the international group of Fujian International Group, was invited to participate in this seminar and gave a speech report on the subject of "innovation of tea and plant raw materials processing technology assisting beverage products" on the basis of professional and innovative perspectives. In the report, the trend of industry processing, the optimum processing technology of a number of products, and the promotion of innovative technology to the development of beverage products have been brought up, which have aroused great interest and concern for the participants.

During the Symposium of the symposium, the extract and concentrated liquid of three major products of tea, herbs and coffee were displayed at the same time of the symposium exhibition.

As a leading health expert in the global drink industry, the Fujian International Group will continue to uphold the spirit of professionalism and innovation and contribute to the development of the Chinese beverage industry.