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Damin International “Minnan tea on Maritime Silk Route” activity concluded successfully

Date:2018/9/26  Source:Damin Foodstuff(Zhangzhou)Co.,Ltd.   Hits:528
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Minnan tea on Maritime Silk Route

On the afternoon of September 14, local time, the members of the " Minnan tea on Maritime Silk Route " delegation and officials of the Athenian Municipal Government, representatives of the Chinese Embassy in Greece, representatives of the Greek tea business community, representatives of the Greek overseas Chinese and consulates, and representatives of the Greek government in the Olympic Hall of the Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens, Greece More than 150 mainstream media and Xinhua reporters gathered to witness the colorful Fujian tea tour to Asia and Europe.

Minnan tea on Maritime Silk Route logo

Liu Lin, Deputy Secretary-General of the Fujian Provincial People's Government, Li Feng, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Greece, and Mondas Lambrakakis, Chairman of the Athens Municipal Assembly and Political Office, gave enthusiastic speeches respectively.

Tea is the pride of Fujian. A Fujian tea can reflect the significance of Fujian to China and to the world. Fujian is the birthplace of Oolong tea, white tea, black tea and scented tea, and its tea is complete. Anxi Tieguanyin, Wuyi Yancha, Fuding White Tea, Lapsang souchong, Fuzhou Jasmine Tea are all representative famous teas. They are all in contention with each other, leading the way, promoting the development of Chinese tea industry and the prosperity of Chinese tea culture. At the same time, with the rapid development of Fujian tea industry, relying on scientific and technological innovation, a variety of deep-processed tea products have been developed, which has become an important driving force for the transformation and upgrading of the tea industry.

Photo of launching ceremony

At the launch ceremony, representatives of famous tea enterprises, such as Damin International, Huaxiangyuan, Zhengshan Tang and Fujian Ficus, introduced to the guests in detail and vividly the deep-processed products of tea, Oolong tea from southern Fujian, Oolong tea from northern Fujian, Fuding white tea, Zhengshan race of Wuyi and Jasmine tea from Fuzhou. While listening to the explanation, the organizers displayed the brewing methods of each kind of tea. The guests tasted the mellow fragrance and mellow charm of Fujian tea, listening, watching, smelling, tasting and tasting, and the interaction of the five senses was called the sensory feast of Fujian tea.

Photo of launching introduction

Local time on September 16, the " Minnan tea on Maritime Silk Route " Asia-Europe Station into Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia to start the trip. The sponsorship of the " Minnan tea on Maritime Silk Route " was intended to promote the economic, trade and cultural exchanges of tea between Fujian and Asia and Europe. At the forum, representatives of 15 famous tea enterprises, including Damin International, Huaxiangyuan, Bama, Richun, Yongsheng, Sanhe, Jinxi, Pinxiang, Tianhu, Zhengshantang, Yuantai, Chunlun, Banyan, Sufu and Yueda, signed economic and trade cooperation agreements with representatives of tea industry and business circles in St. Petersburg and other European countries. Jointly develop the Asian and European tea consumption market.

Signing ceremony

The corresponding period exhibition of the " Minnan tea on Maritime Silk Route "

From September 17 to September 19, local time, the " Moscow International Food Exhibition " was held solemnly. The exhibition is intended to promote the culture of Fujian tea, show the elegant demeanor of tea and the aroma of tea aroma. After the signing ceremony, Huang Huakang, director of Fujian Agricultural Department and Liu Lin, deputy secretary-general of Fujian People's Government and other leading officials came to the exhibition stand of "China Fujian Famous Teahouse", visited and listened to the tea culture introduction of 15 famous Fujian brand tea enterprises attending the exhibition, and invited the exhibition organizer, ITE, UK, to Moscow. The director, Tatiana Yastrebova, tasted Fujian tea and experienced the fragrance of Fujian tea.

At the exhibition spot, exhibitors showed their main products and featured products. Damin International, with instant tea and tea concentrate as its main products, has demonstrated the extraction technology of six kinds of tea, including black tea, green tea and white tea, with emphasis on Kenya black tea, Yunnan Pu'er tea and other instant tea powder, which has won praise and affirmation from the guests on the spot. At the same time, Damin International held business talks with a large number of domestic and foreign customers at the exhibition site, and reached a preliminary intention to cooperate.

Damin International products area

Damin International takes nature as its foundation and endeavours to create a healthy way of life for consumers. Damin will continue to uphold the spirit of "fraternity, transcendence" and strive to provide consumers with better and healthier drinks.

Damin International 's” Minnan tea on Maritime Silk Route “trip ended successfully.