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  • Product Name:Tea Concentrate
  • Features:Damin’s concentration series products have full taste andrich flavored, excellent watersolubility and high defecation.
  • Ingredients:Superior Leaf Tea
  • Parameters:As below

Tea Concentrate
Damin puts the efforts from the raw material to the finished product, combines the technology of stage extraction, aroma recovery and backfill, membrane concentration, CT concentration, and aseptic cold filling etc. With the above technology, Damin’s tea concentrate has better aroma, longer shelf life, and greater stability. It can totally replace tea leaf.
Package:Aseptic bag inside,corrugated carton outside,20kg/ctn
Storage condition: Keep in 0~5 ℃, prevent from peculiar smell and insolation.
Shelf-Life:12 months keeping in original package, without unpacking

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