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  • Product Name:Roasted Coffee Bean
  • Features:Tasty and Elegant
  • Ingredients:Coffee beans from origin
  • Parameters:As below

To ensure a good quality and strong stability of the product, Damin chooses the high level origin beans, and processing them with advanced equipment, a world-class level of intelligent standardization workshop, consistent professional baking process and experiencedcoffee beans roastingtechnologyprofessionalteam. Shallow baking, medium roasted, roasts and others degree of roasting are available the meet the tastes of different consumers.

1.       Light Roasted: clear sour taste with citrus profile, slight mellow taste with natural fruit fragrant after-taste
2.       Medium Roasted: Light sour taste, mellow body taste, long after-taste
3.       Heavy Roasted: mellow body taste without bitterness, less sour taste, oily, durable after-taste

Series Raw Material Roasted Level Features
SA01 100% Arabica Medium Roasted Soft aroma and mellow taste
SA02 100% Arabica Medium Roasted Moderate aroma, taste, sour and bitterness
SA03 100% Arabica Medium Roasted Very good aroma and taste, moderate bitterness, strong mouth-feeling
SR01 100%Robusta Medium Roasted Classic Robusta aroma and mellow taste
SR02 100%Robusta Medium Roasted Medium roasted Robusta aroma, bitter taste and strong mouth feeling
SR03 100%Robusta Medium to Heavy  Roasted Heavy Robusta aroma, bitter taste and strong mouth feeling
SM01 Blended Arabica and Robusta Medium Roasted Mellow aroma and taste, clear sour taste, pleasant mouth-feeling
SM02 Blended Arabica and Robusta Medium to Heavy  Roasted Very good aroma and taste, mellow bitterness and sour taste, pleasant mouth-feeling