【Cereal, Fruit & Vegetable】
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  • Product Name:Cereal Powder
  • Features:Green and Nutrient
  • Ingredients:Nature Cereal
  • Parameters:As below

DAMIN’s cereal powder is made from well-selected raw material, with the processes of sieving, cleansing, stewing, mashing, concentrating, drying, smashing, shaping, and packaging. DAMIN offers different cereal powders based on both the single and mixed raw material. This series is featured by the high aroma, , good dissolving quality, full nutrition, good taste and easy to absorb, etc. It can be applied widely in foods, health product, dairy, cereal beverage, milk tea, baked food, instant drink, dietary supplement, nutritious meal, snack food, seasoning, infant food, flour-made food, pastry and cookie etc.


Job’s tear powder

Gordon Euryale Powder

Black Bean Powder

Black Rice Powder

Black Semen Powder

Sweet Potato Powder

Chinese Yum Powder

Purple Sweet Potato Powder

Taro Powder

Pumpkin Powder

Almond Powder

Kudzuvine Root Powder

Walnut Powder


Soybean Powder

Green Bean Powder

Garden Bean Powder

Kidney Bean Powder

Peanut Powder

Naked Barley Powder

Brown Rice Powder

Rice Powder

Millet Powder

Corn Powder

Sorghum Powder

Oat Powder

Buckwheat Powder