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  • Product Name:Fruit and Vegetables Powder
  • Features:Green and Nutrient
  • Ingredients:Nature Fruit and Vegetable
  • Parameters:As below

The Natural Fruit and Vegetable Powder of Damin comes from well-selected fresh fruits and vegetables, going through the procedures of cleaning, pre-processing, pressing, pulping and spray drying / freeze-drying. Compared to the traditional processes, the new procedures improve the full- mouth feeling, maintain the nutrients, reduce the difference of smell and leave fewer microorganisms.. After ultrafine grinding, products show the advantages both on the physical performances of high dispersibility, water-solubility, absorbability, compatibility and the effectiveness of better mouth feeling, easier digestive absorption, dietary fiber using which in the fruit and vegetable. All these advantages make the products could be combined well with functional food, flour-made food, puffed food, meat product, solid beverage, dairy product, infant food, seasoning, candy, baking and convenient food etc.


Product Item

Product list

Fruit powder

FD Blueberry

SD Strawberry

FD Raspberry

SD Orange

FD Cranberry

SD Lemon

FD Banana

SD/FD Strawberry

FD Mango

SD/FD Blackcurrant

FD Pineapple

SD/FD Seabuckthorn

FD Passion Fruit

FD Blueberry (Granule)

FD Litchi

FD Blackcurrant (Granule)

FD Guava

FD Apple

FD Pawpaw

FD Hawthorn

FD Mulberry

FD Jujube

FD Kiwi Fruit

FD Wolfberry

Vegetables Powder

Balsam Pear Powder

Tomato Powder

Celery Powder

Pumpkin Powder

Spinach Powder

Watercress Powder

Carrot Powder

White Gourd Powder

Broccoli Powder

Chinese Kale Powder