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→liquid Beverage←   Peach Tea
Features: The sweet tea powder and fruit juice-based debugging is made with pure peach aroma, sweet black tea after the section of light entrainment, the products full of the flavor, texture smooth.


Low-sugar Ice Tea
Features: The sweet tea powder based debugging, complex alternative to sucralose and aspartame part of white sugar, white sugar and adding the overall sugar content quite, low heat value, and yet sweet sense of lemon fragrance products to highlight the , back-flavor soft.

Ceylon Tea
Features: One of the world's four major black tea, revealing such as mint, lily of the valley fragrance, combined with sugar and honey, have a special honey sweet aroma Qingfen, back-flavor soft.

Oolong Kim
Features: Oolong tea by extraction, cooling, centrifugal sugar, flavoring and debugging is made with a light roasted tea aroma, and the entrainment of light floral aroma, smooth feeling after the section of tea, taste full.

Features: Wuyi oolong tea were extracted, cooled and combined with erythritol, stevioside and other debugging from, are sugar-free products, front-end to highlight the faint roasted aroma, flavor and smooth rear section, the overall flavor of the alcohol to Lord.

Herbal Bamboo 
Features: bamboo, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, licorice and other herbal mixtures made of several products highlighting the overall taste fresh bamboo leaves a sense of taste and soft, the soup was yellow green.

Mangosteen Herbal Tea
Features: Mangosteen extract, mulberry, licorice and other hybrid is made of dark brown soup, taste and refreshing, to highlight the Mangosteen scent-based, not only the lungs, heat, summer heat, the effect, and the taste sweet, mellow , the aftertaste is sweet, is the best refreshing summer drinks.

Ebony Herbal Tea
Features: concentrated liquid ebony powder with herbal tea and debugging complex, the overall flavor to sweet and sour-based, front-end highlight ebony smoke aroma, taste of herbal tea after the section of light, sweet and sour, help digestion, cool and thirst-quenching