Damin health products won the 2021 Geneva International Invention Award
date : 2021-04-21 source : Damin Food Zhangzhou Co., Ltd.

Recently, the ginseng (artificial planting) extract and low heat sweetener Mogroside independently developed by Damin food (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. stand out at the Geneva International Invention Award and won the 2021 Geneva International Invention Award.

Founded in 1973, the international exhibition of inventions of Geneva is the world's longest and largest event in science and technology. It is jointly held by the international intellectual property organization and the Swiss federal government. All the participating projects are professionally evaluated by international experts from all over the world from different perspectives. The award is a strong proof of the recognition of Daming's independent R & D achievements in the world.

The achievements of the project use the selected new food raw materials of Changbai mountain ginseng, Jilin Province, China. The extract rich in ginsenosides is obtained by using Damin patent technology. The ginseng extract is prepared by vacuum freeze-drying technology of Aerospace Science and technology. The content of Ginsenoside in the product is more than 5%. The product has the characteristics of natural aroma, pure flavor, good sweetness, mellow taste, 0 additive, natural health and good solubility. It can be widely used in health drinks, life care products and daily diet to help people improve nutrition supplement.

It is one of the high quality non sugar sweeteners, which is originated from Chinese special plant Luohanguo. It has 300 times sweetness and low heat, which is a new generation of natural sweetener. The plant seedlings with high content of sweet glycoside were selected by Biotechnology (the content of sweet glycoside in dried fruit was ≥ 1.8%) by the company. Through environmental protection planting, agricultural residues and heavy metals fully meet the requirements of China, the United States, Japan and other countries. The product is suitable for all kinds of healthy food field, and it is highly praised by domestic and foreign customers.

Damin international has been committed to creating natural and healthy food, and has made continuous breakthroughs in technology. Its success and honor in domestic and foreign markets have proved that "innovation is the fundamental driving force of enterprises". Only innovation can win the initiative in the market and scientific and technological changes, and provide people with higher quality products and services.